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By Vasudhaika Software Pvt Ltd

Millet Melodies Millet Melodies Millet Melodies Millet Melodies Millet Melodies

Now-a-days, sorghum and millets (like ragi) are forgotten foods. They are important because they are Smart Food, i.e., food that is good for you, good for the planet and good for the farmer.

ICRISAT and Vasudhaika want to bring back those yester-years recipes with new modern flavors.

These recipes are shared by ICRISAT to promote millet and sorghum consumption in daily life.

ICRISAT works in agricultural research for development across the dry lands of Africa and Asia making farming profitable for smallholder farmers while reducing malnutrition and environmental degradation. ICRISAT works across the entire value chain from developing new varieties to assisting agribusinesses and linking farmers to markets.

Vasudhaika is partnering with ICRISAT to enable IT for agri-businesses through ‘Kalgudi’ - a free to use business network platform for agri-businesses like farming, trading, warehousing, transporting and many more worldwide.

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