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By Tatra banka, a.s.

Čítačka Čítačka Čítačka Čítačka Čítačka

Application Čítačka (Reader) is intended to Tatra banka clients with activated Internet banking service who are using mobile devices with Android 4.0 and higher version. Application generates authorization codes for Internet banking login, payment confirmation and activation of Tatra banka's applications. It also supports the functionality of scanning the QR code that is generated in Internet banking and by this way it enables to get a confirmation code without the necessity of copying data to the application.

This application is equivalent to Card and Reader authentication and authorization device with the same functionalities (without necessity of entering PIN code for every transaction) and with the same security.
Application does not require any data, voice or SMS services actived on the device.

Application activation is possible by means of configuration SMS, which can be sent by call centre DIALOG Live or by scanning the QR code generated in Internet banking in section “Settings - Čítačka”, eventually in a branch of Tatra banka.
During the activation, application asks to set the login password. Expiration time of password depends on its complexity.

Comprehensive information and conditions for Čítačka (Reader) usage may be found on www.tatrabanka.sk.

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