mAppTrav - Track your Visited Places on the Map APK 1.2.0

By Sergiu Mogan

This app offers you a way of managing your travel history.

It helps you track all the cities and countries you've visited (aka places I've been / visited places).
Each visit can have a lot of additional information like the travel type (single, couple, family or business), transportation (by plane, car, boat, bike, walking, train) and your trip cost (transportation and accommodation )

Besides that you can also upload up to 6 images for every visited places.

All your visits are also shown on a map and you can share your map with everybody. You can share your entire travel experience or filter the map by time (last month, last year, date range) or by country or city.

In your profile page you can see how much of a traveller you really are. You have experience points, a level and a percentage of the places you've visited given that 100% represents the number of visits the highest ranked traveler has.

If you really like to travel and want to keep a travel map journal of your visits this is the app for you. You can also download your journal or individual photos from your travels.

Keep all your traveled places in one place. Put your traveled places on a map and share it with your friends. All your visited cities and countries will be at your finger tips.

In the future we will release a version in which you can also plan a trip and you may have insights from other people's travel experience (if they make it public).
July 11, 2019, 8:37 pm
Android 4.4+

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