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By Santosh Kumar Muchetty

Gate Civil Question Bank Gate Civil Question Bank Gate Civil Question Bank Gate Civil Question Bank Gate Civil Question Bank

Thank you so much for downloading this Application. :)
We Thank Mr. Anees an IITian for his continuous efforts in making this app successful.

This app is having Civil Engineering GATE past 20 years Question and answer with detailed explanation from1997 to 2017 question papers.

The app is divided neatly into Exam mode (Previous years & Mock tests), Study mode, Statistics, Generation information (GATE, cut off scores, past gate qualifier testimonials,
Statistical analysis, Section wise question/answer, Important formulae (including maths), WhatsApp & Telegram groups for interacting with students and many other features.

This app designed by keeping in mind the most student requirements to to prepare Civil Gate exam. All the features in app can be accessed offline anytime on the go anywhere.

Entire Civil Engineering is categarized under 9 main sub sections as:

5.Water resource:(Fluid mechanics and hydraulics+ Hydrology+irrigation)
8.Surveying and
9.General Aptitude

Bar graphs are generated on the questions asked on one particular subject in each year. This helps the students to understand the trend of each section year wise.

Pie charts are generated based on the weightage given on each subjects in the question papers. This helps the students to prioritize their study plan to achieve their aim.

If you any correction in the answers or any suggestions or comments, please feel free to mail to [email protected]

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