Lot Area Calculator: Measure land area APK

By Robert Theis

Tap the corners of your lot/field/region in the map view to measure its area in acres or hectares.

★ Lot area/size measurement
★ Lot perimeter measurement
★ Save up to 10 lots as a reference
★ Works in all locations worldwide


★ Choose from metric or English units
★ Precise measurements

Measurements are available in acres, hectares, square feet, square meters, square kilometers, square miles, and square yards. Odd shapes and irregular shapes are supported as well as ordinary quadrilateral shapes. This app may also be used to calculate roof areas for flat roofs. App works at different map zoom levels and works for lot area, field area, and general land/property area of various sizes.


• Agriculture: Farm area for spraying, hay baling, invoicing
• Livestock: Determining quantities of animal feed or pasture fencing needed
• Real estate: Researching parcel valuations
• Construction: Site evaluation and measurement
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