Decimal to Fraction Converter Calculator APK

By ReidenBike

Note: There is an ad-free, paid version of this app, located here: Decimal to Fraction Converter Calculator - Ad Free.

Convert decimal numbers to fractions, fractions to decimals, and evaluate mathematical expressions. Calculate the absolute value or round the answer by choosing from a range of tolerances, from +/- 1/2 down to +/- 1/256. The tolerance feature is great for design and fabrication to quickly determine the closest fractional inch to a decimal value, either rounded up, down, or to the closest fraction based on the required tolerance.

Swipe to the Results page to view the conversion as a fraction or mixed fraction, as well as a visual of the fractional inch on a ruler. The Solution page shows the calculation steps needed to convert the decimal to a mixed fraction, improper fraction, and a fraction with a tolerance applied.

Enter Measurement Mode from the main menu to add and subtract measurement units (feet, inch, meter, centimeter, and millimeter). Convert the final answer between the available units.

Fraction converter, decimal converter, and fraction calculator all in one. Or just use as a normal calculator for math.
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