Save money and reduce administration with the Velocity smart app, an all-in-one reporting system for our customers. It makes managing multiple fuel cards easy and gives you the tools you need to run your fleet efficiently.

Velocity smart app allows you to:
• Monitor transactions by card or vehicle
• Cancel lost cards quickly and easily
• Access historical invoices

Keeping on top of fleet costs is easy with the Velocity online account manager tool, and now fuel management can be done on the move and from anywhere with our smart app version. It allows you to run detailed reports of fuel card use and keep on top of budgets by viewing invoices, all at your fingertips. Velocity’s unique map view even lets you see all of your transactions by location, giving you a complete picture of where your drivers are filling up.

The Velocity smart app also allows you to immediately cancel lost or stolen cards from your mobile device without having to contact customer services, a vital tool in helping to reduce the risk of fraud.
June 12, 2019, 8:53 am
Android 4.4+

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