Dive into the colorful world of metal spillovers!
Multicolored tunnels bend, twirls and carry into their fantastic space!

It's almost unbelievable to understand the semi-random behavior of the Liquid Adamantium.
It's almost impossible to control it.
Every time you start it you will see something great, you will feel something strange, you will get a delight.

Look at the screen, calm down your mind and realize that everything is just great in this beautiful lovely life.

Amazing shapes whiz around you while driving!
They squirm and flow, revealing fantastic pictures to your eyes!

Look and take it easy and understand that everything is beautiful in this beautiful and beautiful life.

In the process of movement, flying species are formed into intricate patterns that excite the imagination!
What do you see now: purple cosmos, flashes of fire, the current rainbow, heavenly distance, softness of the hole, flying party, flowers of unprecedented beauty?

Every time you see something new, this is the uniqueness of our tunnel!
Certainly you will be pleased with the colors of design: from gentle calm to bright riot!

In addition, you can control the movement!
Want to slowly meditatively swim in the universe, you want to rush, overflowing a dose of adrenaline, no worse than a roller coaster!

Easily and simply you can control this magic:

* There is a function to automatically switch the background, as well as the ability to manually control the speed and direction of rotation of the tunnel.
* Swiping left or right across the screen, you can change the design on the walls of the tunnel.
* Finger movement up or down - increases or decreases the speed of rotation, and can also change the direction of rotation of the tunnel.
* Double tap on the screen to open the settings.

Remember how you flew in your dreams as a child! That indescribable feeling of flying you will be able to experience again!
Immerse yourself in this beautiful world! Great mood and creative inspiration will definitely come to you!

* Supported Android 8+ / 9+
* Realistic Quality HD Artwork, truly live 3D animation in Full HD appearance
* Updates and optimizations to improve compatibility
* More our personalization at: http://piedlove.com
* Our video channel at: http://piedlove.com/video
* Instagram - https://instagram.com/deluxe_art_3d
* Facebook - https://facebook.com/piedlove.com.android.live.wallpapers
* Twitter - https://twitter.com/PiedLove
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May 15, 2019, 6:21 pm
Android 4.4+

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