I AM PEACE by MUrgency, 1BMAT, One Billion March Against Terrorism are building a movement of people at large against any and all forms of terrorism, one of the biggest challenges faced by modern human society. Through this movement, we are working to empower local communities and the world as a whole to take a definitive position against terrorism. We are an open platform as we believe such a positive message comes through effectively when people from different backgrounds with different perspectives can participate in the conversation openly without any fear or reservation. We are proposing to mobilize 1.0 billion people from all ages, races, genders, castes, classes, ethnicities, sexualities, religious beliefs, nationalities, etc., to march against terrorism across the world in 7500+ cities in all 195 countries on 01 January, 2020.

We launched 1BMAT, One Billion March Against Terrorism, 1BMAT and I AM PEACE by MUrgency movement on 30 December, 2017 through:


Our Social Media Accounts are:
Facebook: @1BMAT
Twitter: @1BMAT
Google+: @1BMAT
LinkedIn: @1BMAT
Instagram: @1BMAT
Pinterest: @1BMAT
Telegram Channel: @1BMAT

Through 1BMAT / One Billion March Against Terrorism / I AM PEACE by MUrgency, you can pledge to join the proposed One Billion March Against Terrorism proposed to be held on 01 January, 2020 in 7500+ Cities in 195 Countries across the World.

Through the notifications, you will be informed of terrorist incidents in your city and worldwide for you to take care of your loved ones, yourself and also to provide support and assistance to others who may have become victims of unfortunate terror incidents.

You can comment and state your position on the issue of terrorism and all related issues on the Wall of Messages (WOM). You can also respond to posts made by others by commenting on other's posts.

You will be able to see statistics of pledges to participate in the proposed 1BMAT / One Billion March Against Terrorism by Religion, Country and City.

In future, we plan to enable organizational structure and voting to the organizational structure positions so that we have a formal leadership mechanism in the 7500+ Cities in 195 Countries.

If your Religion or City is not listed, you can go to 'Others' and request your Religion and / or City to be added. Once you request, this will be send to the Admin who will review and approve or disapprove your request. Collapse
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