ScooterDice APK

By Mookmookeen

ScooterDice ScooterDice ScooterDice ScooterDice

ScooterDice is an application wich generates Freestyle Scooter Tricks !
Discover more than 160 tricks! Classified by level.
Learn new tricks and improve them on flat bar, curb, flat or kicker!
All that, with your smartphone thanks to ScooterDice!

Include in this version:

- 4 difficulties
- 4 different spots
- 189 possible tricks
- All 100% adjustable

Multiplayer Rules:
Each players have 5 letters at the beginning of the game: S-C-O-O-T
Then, players should reproduce, each turn, the trick generated by the application on the spot, If a player won't land the trick in 2 tries, he lose a letter.
Draw at the end? the first player who miss a trick lose.

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