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By Maik B.

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Transform your Android smartphone with the complementary Home24 app into a HomeMatic remote control with various features.

Home24 directly talks to your CCU (HomeMatic contro center) via the XML API.

Home24 allows to control and readout the sender, receivers, sensors, system varaibles and programs. Furthermore, it is also possible to change the favourite buttons and device icons to your own needs.

To use the app, the current addon of the XML-API has to be installed on your CCU. You can download it on http://www.home-24.net.

- Compatible with Google TV and Chromebook
- Landing page with freely configurable buttons and clock (can be disabled)
- Control of multiple CCUs
- Alarm messages
- Actualization of status through XML-RPC (using event subscription)
- Viewing webcams (MJPEG/JPG)
- CCU connection check
- Internationalization (German/English) and accessibility

- More features can be found in the Release notes.

If you have any questions, if there are bugs in the app or if there are missing devices, please send an email to [email protected]

Youtube Channel

Checking of the network settings (changing of system settings / write settings)

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