Note Trainer APK

By Ldinka

Note Trainer Note Trainer Note Trainer Note Trainer Note Trainer

Learn to play the piano, guitar or other musical instrument, sing or just love music? Music Tutor game for you. Solfeggio sheet music at any time and in any place.

Note Trainer:
- treble clef or bass clef
- increase the speed of the music recognition
- hear the sound of each note to learn music by ear
- set notation systems
• Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si
• Do PE Mi Fa La Col C
• ハ ニ ホ ヘ ト イ ロ
• 도 레 미 파 솔 라 시

- improve level to level
- a fun and interesting way to spend time and enjoy the game

Spend 5 minutes a day and you will soon be able to sight-read music as a professional musician.
At each level you are given 5 lives, and get points. The sooner you guessed note - the more points you get. When you have enough points opens a new level and you will guess music notes quickly and without errors.

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