Use your brain and enjoy with the game Think

Think (فـكّـر) is an amazing game that gives you several pictures and symbols that you have to identify the meaning of each one.

You can test your knowledge and your analysis skills over more than 200 questions and pictures, in about 15 topics:
- countries
- actions
- abstracts
- tools
- daily life
- nature
- ...

Can you reach the end line and answer successfully all the puzzles?

-- This game is in arabic language. تحديث الأسئلة و فقرات جديدة.
تسهيل عملية شراء التلميحات
إضافة خاصية إظهار الحل لتجاوز الأسئلة الصعبة.
ميزات جديدة و عديدة
إصلاح بعض المشاكل
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