IBK ONE Banking is a banking application to be installed on smartphones for banking service of IBK ONE, a new smartbanking brand. The app supports multi-foreign languages and provides a variety of high-quality banking services including account inquiry, account transfers and F/X.

*Differentiated service*
1. Customized display
Customers can freely set and formulate the menu location, images and background images.
2. Introduction of service design concept
The app provides customer-oriented screen display for customers so that they efficiently enjoy various banking service.

*Services provided*
Account inquiry, Account transfers, Credit card, F/X, Certificate center, Customer center, Settings, etcs.

IBK is fully committed to expanding the service to provide more convenient banking service for customers.

*For more secured financial transactions, service may be restricted if the operating system is manipulated in an unjustifiable manner such as rooting.
Rooted terminals should be reset to factory setting in a manufacturer's customer service center before use.

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