Waterfall Photo Frame APK

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Waterfall Photo Frame Waterfall Photo Frame Waterfall Photo Frame

Happiness often begins by a splashing waterfall..!!

Waterfall Photo Frames is a collection of many lovely photo frames for you to decorating your lovely photos. It has the same function as the Love Photo Frames, Birthday Photo Frames and other apps.

Welcome to the beauty of the Waterfall Photo Frame app, the orderly arrangment
of everything ethereal makes us confess that there is an excellent and enduring

? Take photo from gallery or camera
? Select the outline of the photo
? Adjust the visibility area by changing the "Crop area visibility" option
? Place the cropped image on the background waterfalls
? Merge with background by adjusting the feather value
? select the waterfalls which you want
? Add Stones,trees and some animals to the waterfalls
? Create photo collages also by getting old cropped images
? Set it as live wallpaper
? Or save and share through online

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