This is a notepad application which is as easy to use as a real notepad. Put your notes to the notepad which grows and shrinks automatically to fit your needs.

Just launch the notepad application and start typing. Swipe left and right to change pages.

Feature highlights:

- Text deletion can be reverted.
- Pages or selected text can be easily sent to any of installed apps such as Mail, Skype, Messaging, etc...
- Any page may be protected with a password.
- Notepad pro does not require any permissions. Everything you enter into the Notepad will stay on your device.
- Data from the free Notepad version can be imported. - Improved backup/restore experience: backups may now be saved to and restored from external services such as Google Drive.
- Text data from other applications may now be imported as a new page via "Share" function.
- Reorganized page context menu to have Cut/Copy/Paste items unobscured.
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