Division Calculator (With Remainders or Decimals) APK

By Digital D, LLC

Very simple calculator that shows solution for division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.

The main feature is long division. We have multiple options for long division:

First you can choose between remainder mode or decimal mode. In remainder mode, you will get the answer with remainder. For example 9 divide by 5 the answer will be 1 R4 while for the same numbers in decimal mode you will get 1.80 as an answer.

The second setting, you can choose between three different long division notations. Depending on the way you leaned long division you can choose between:

1) dividend on right and divisor on left (most English-speaking countries)
2) dividend on left and divisor on right (some European countries)
3) dividend on left and divisor on right separated by : (Germany and other countries)

For multiplication we have 2 settings:

1) Long multiplication
2) Grid multiplication. In grid multiplication, the operands are broken up to simplify the operation and then added at the end.

The play button at the bottom will animate the steps of each operation so you can understand each step and how it relates to the following steps.
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