islamic dua and azkar APK 1.0


You will not forget the mention of God by using this special application from a group of islamic dua and Adhkaar and dua iftitah
which we find in it:
-The morning Adhkaar and evening Adhkaar wich is written from the Muslim fortress.
-adhkaar for athan
-morning dua
-The adhkaar of waking up from sleep · Du'aa ' to expel Shaytan and his whispers
-Islamic dua for sleep
-Adhkaar for food
There is nothing that would make you comfortable and calm in your self more than islamic dua, When every human repeat islamic dua the sun rises and at sunset.
The Adhkaar of morning and evening written on this application enables you to read the Adhkaar and islamic dua of the day easily answered in your daily life quoted from the Prophet's Sunnah.
Download now this app of remembrance of Al-Zahar and Al-Da'iyah, which has many virtues. Islam is prescribed for the Muslim in the hours of the night and the day, in his fluctuations, in his vigilance and in his sleep and in his presence and travel.

This app contains a lot of Azkar (Adhkar) and dua which Muslim needs everyday. It show random Azkar automatically (Auto-Adhkar) on your device screen.
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March 14, 2019, 9:58 pm
Android 4.4+

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