By Axis Bank Ltd.

NETSECURE is a two factor authentication mechanism to provide added security to your online banking transactions.
Axis Bank NETSECURE with Mobile Token is an application through which you will be able to generate your NETSECURE code using your sim-enabled handheld device.
Steps of Registration
1. Login to Axis Bank Internet Banking and choose NETSECURE with Mobile Token
2. Enter your Passport Number and Email ID registered with Axis Bank (for NRI Account Holders)
3. Download the application on your mobile phone.
4. Enter the serial number displayed on the Mobile Token application in the relevant field provided on Axis Bank Internet Banking.
5. Enter the activation code on your mobile number and send activation sms for authentication.
6. Set your security pin.
7. Generate the Login One Time Password (OTP) to login to Internet Banking and generate Transaction OTP to complete any payment transaction.
1. Generate NETSECURE Code instantly through your sim-enabled handheld device.
2. Easy access to Internet Banking since NETSECURE code can be generated without the need for the registered mobile number being on the network.
1. Currently available for Android phone (version 4.3) and above.
2. App requires Internet Access for registration. Please ensure your mobile data or WIFI is on for the same.
3. App requires SMS verification for registration. Please ensure your device has a SIM card for the same. SMS charges will be applicable by your mobile network operator for the same.
For any feedback, queries or issues pertaining to NETSECURE with Mobile Token app, please write to [email protected] . NRI Account Holders can write to [email protected] . Enhancement and Performance improvements
1.) Numeric Keypads for entering activation and transaction codes and setting pin.
2.) Pin not required to be entered on starting the app.
3.) Additional informative text on each screen to help user to smoothly activate the app.
4.) International number prefix for verification SMS issue fix.
November 13, 2018, 3:09 pm
Android 4.4+

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