◆ What is Aon Smart?
- It is an application which facilitates transferring Insurance Claim document captured by camera through Mobile devices (Smart phones).

◆ Who can make a claim?
- Any employees from the entities covered by Group Insurance of Aon Korea can ask for a claim.

◆ Notice:
1) Once you receive a completion message after claim document submitted through its application, your claim is now ready to be on the process.
2) We may contact you for an additional request or required document.
3) Claim can be made any time in 24 hours. (However, submitting an application to insurers is only acceptedfrom 9:00 to 18:00 on business day.
4) Claim document is treated as private or sensitive information and for the purpose of a claim to insurers. Should it not be used commercially and all the image files will be deleted once the claim document is submitted.
5) Please contact us at 02-2260-2340, Aon Korea for more information. Collapse
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