Tk Rally Tennis Score Keeper APK

By Ante Kristic

Tk Rally Tennis Score Keeper Tk Rally Tennis Score Keeper

Tennis club Rally in Croatia gives his members and to all tennis players in the world this free tennis score keeper app. Keep track of your matches with ease. Manage tennis players, save your tennis matches score. Track your tennis match statistics. Keep your tennis score history in one place. Save the tennis score at any time and continue later.

You can select stroke types (backend, backend volley, forehand, forehand volley, and smash) by taping on the small circle racquet button inside the Winner or Unforced error button. It will open stroke types buttons.

✓ awesome Statistics for every set
✓ awesome Match details for every set
✓ stroke types statistics
✓ support for Doubles Match
✓ support for almost all scoring systems
✓ undo and redo your points
✓ save and load your matches at any time
✓ make players list
✓ export statistics in CSV file
✓ share your matches with friends
✓ simple match timer
✓ Auto Save Option
✓ tennis quiz
✓ useful information about our tennis club
✓ English, Italian and Croatian language

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