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By Amber Connect Limited

Amber Driver Amber Driver Amber Driver Amber Driver Amber Driver

Amber Connect offers you intelligent, insightful and affordable tracking. Our Smart Driver Management application was created as part of our Amber Connect Fleet Management System to monitor and control driver behaviour.
Fleet administrators can create a driver profile from Amber Connect's Fleet Portal, assign each driver his/her own login and every driver can use the Driver App to track their activities.
Drivers can view schedules and time sheets and can explore their trip history for a certain period. In addition, ‘On’ or ‘Off Duty’ driving status can be logged to calculate hours of service for telematics companies.

App Features:

My Vehicle:
Track a vehicle and its respective driver.

Explore trips.

Emergency SOS requests and stolen vehicle recovery alerts can be triggered.

Driving schedules are readily available.

Time Sheet:
Driving time sheets from past dates are also available.

Access detailed driver reports highlighting indicators such as distance covered, driving behaviour and idle time.

Fuel Logs:
Enter fuel logs and upload receipts.

Proof of Delivery:
Upload delivery notes or receipts with customer signatures as proof of delivery.

Hours of Service:
Log On/Off Duty or Driving/Sleeping status for each schedule.

Who is Amber Connect?:
Amber Connect is a Kingston-based software company that specializes in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Amber Connect offers intelligent, insightful and affordable tracking devices. We endeavor to provide feature rich devices that make your driving experience safer, easier and more affordable. Amber Connect also offers a world class Fleet Management System with complete app-based telematics fleet control and cloud-based web portal with security monitoring.

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